Posters ltd ed, Aardman Studio & Secret Postcards

  • We have a limited amount of posters from Aardman production's and the Black Swan Arts 25 year anniversary. By Allison Waller, Jonathan Pugh, Luke Thompson, Henry Piper, John Thackray, Callum Robey, Katarina Ulmerova, Will Harvey, Dawn Cooper and Ed Hughes. High quality limited editions mostly in A2 format, with some 42 by 60 cm. 
  • The Aardman posters are one of photographs in A2 poster format. 
  •  Featuring some of the wonderful postcards which were donated by artists in 2017 for the 1000 Postcards exhibition to commemorate the 30th year anniversary of Black Swan Arts. A small selection of the individual painted, drawn and collaged work by artists and supporters remain in our collection. All kinds of techniques: drawing, printed, etching, painted, watercolours, gouache, textile, collage have been used. In spirit with the secret nature of the original exhibition, we are keeping the maker/artist secret. The name is on the back of the card. So you will find out once you buy.