A Change is in the Air
Black Swan Arts

A Change is in the Air

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A Change is in the Air

Created by, Joanna Briar

The theme I have chosen is the transition from winter to spring represented by the subtle changes in the appearance of the trees. On my walks in February and March across the Somerset Levels, I have watched the tiny buds appearing as the days lengthen and the temperatures start to rise. As the blossom starts to open, everything seems brighter which is such a welcome sign of spring and the change that is coming.

I was inspired by the following paragraphs from the introduction by Alexandra Harris:

"Always, even when tied to deadlines and the city, [Edward Thomas] had a barometric sensitivity to changes in the air and in the light at dusk. He could detect the turn of the year before it became visible to other eyes, when it was only a moment of lucidity in the arms of gloom', a fleeting window', a pane of light in the western sky".
In Pursuit of Spring would be about long, uncertain transitions, returning storms, and human moods which fluctuate as much as the weather.


Medium: Indian ink on Somerset Paper
Size: 30 x 15 cm

Part of the In Pursuit of Spring collection in collaboration with Somerset Art Works (SAW)

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