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Alyson Minkley

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Body Bags

Created by, Alyson Minkley

My work holds tension between traditional solid-state materials and transience in contemporary digital-media. Themes include paradox of didactic systems in an age-of-information, political/social manipulation through media/education, challenging social constructs and cataloguing embodied social anthropology. As antithesis to working in secondary-education and with an inescapable lens of dyspraxia, I am an advocate for curiosity, play/interaction, testing ideas, questioning boundaries and connecting cross-discipline; evident in both outcomes/processes. Art as a vehicle to engender dialogue is recurrent throughout my projects. 2021-MFA-graduate of Bath-Spa, I trained in sculpture at Kingston in the-80s. My career split between environment/community-arts and teaching/lecturing Art-&-Design in secondary/further-education. Recent exhibitions: Bristol/Bath/London/Wiltshire/Cornwall. Winner 2021-Bath-Open-Arts-1st-prize, 2019-Porthleven-Prize and shortlisted 2020-Visions-of-Science-artprize.

Medium: Lead
Size: 50cm x 70cm x 25cm

Part of the Black Swan Arts Open 2022 collection.

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