Sarah Jane Ross
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Sarah Jane Ross

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Chesil Beach

Created by, Sarah Jane Ross

My practice, ‘Enclosure Acts,’ are contemporary landscapes (black gesso and acrylic ink), considering accessibility and how it affects the UK landscape and people. Working on black, I ‘carve’ out the land-shapes in this environmental, political series of artworks. It asks us to reflect on trespassing, livelihoods and freedom. Equally, it is ‘Haring meets Constable’ paintings of our landscape. The resulting artworks are a reflection of this time: dark landscapes, hidden histories, access to outdoors. Each mark, each dash, is a life, a moment in time. The application of shimmering, bold iridescent marks is suggestive of hope, of change and of progress.

Medium: Acrylic ink canvas
Size: 91cm x 61cm

Part of the Black Swan Arts Open 2022 collection.

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