Drawing 2 by Lawrence Nash
Black Swan Arts

Drawing 2 by Lawrence Nash

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These drawings are from a collection of line drawings. Line and repetition are used as the most basic, modest and archaic means of mark making. There is no striving for progressive improvement or perfection within the work; each line is drawn without correction and blips and errors are accepted and nurtured. The spaces between the lines are as important as the lines themselves, acknowledging the blank background of the paper and allowing for new errors to appear and for older ones to blossom or dissolve. These drawings are a call to quiet and reflection.

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Coloured pencil
40 by 26 cm

This item was generously donated to Black Swan Arts during our Small & Affordable fundraising pop-up. Like many arts organisations, Black Swan Arts has been hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic. We are a registered charity and currently receive no regular funding. We have very limited funds and rely heavily on volunteers and supporters. We are grateful to all who continue to support us through donations, purchase or giving their time to volunteer.