Ella Chedburn
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Ella Chedburn

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Created by, Ella Chedburn

My art practice has involved scanning trees, coding virtual forests, wiring plants to computers, and projecting into woodland. The forest (particularly Vallis Vale) is a recurring motif in my work as I navigate it’s ancient mystical roots in relation to the radically technologized world surrounding it. My ideas come from reading scientific findings, theory or folklore, usually found on the internet, then communicating this using technology and nature. I embrace the internet as a hub of fact and fiction, so in one tab I could be reading a herbal magic blog while the next tab shares the latest scientific research into how trees communicate.

Medium: Mixed media
Size: 14cm x 8.5cm

Part of the Black Swan Arts Open 2022 collection.

Find out more about the exhibition on www.blackswanarts.org.uk

This item is part of the main exhibition display and will not be available for collection until the exhibition has ended. Shop staff will contact you directly to clarify arrangements for all artwork purchased.