From Polden Ridge
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From Polden Ridge

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From Polden Ridge

Created by, Benedict Mackay

 "The Poldens have on this side several foothills, and at the turning to Righton's Grave one of these confronted me; I had it in full view for a mile and could hardly look at anything else. This was Ball Hill. It is a smooth island lifted up out of an ever so faintly undulating land of hedged meadows and sparse elm trees. It rose very gradually, parallel to my road and about half a mile from it, so as to make a long, nascent curve, up to a comb of trees; and its flank was divided downwards and lengthwise amongst rosy ploughland and pale green corn in large hedgeless squares and oblongs, beautifully contrasted in size and colour."

In Pursuit of Spring Ch 8 Shepton Mallet to Bridgwater


Medium: Acrylic with wax crayon
Size: 7 x 10 cm

Part of the In Pursuit of Spring collection in collaboration with Somerset Art Works (SAW)

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