Labradorite Gemstones & Porcelain Necklace, CB53
Cresta Browning

Labradorite Gemstones & Porcelain Necklace, CB53

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Labradorite Gemstones & Porcelain Necklace with Gunmetal Magnetic Heart Clasp by Cresta Browning


My experience in clay started with slip casting in porcelain, here I learnt a passion for colouring porcelain which I now use in my jewellery. In my studio I have many test tiles recording percentage and outcome, this allows me to choose from a broad spectrum of coloured clay. I make handmade unique sterling silver & ceramic jewellery and enjoy exploring surface decoration and pattern by working on different surfaces to impart texture.

Fashion plays a part in my process by researching the colours for the seasons and spending time mixing up porcelain with glaze stain and oxides to get my desired palette and test each batch. Working with clay is an essential part of each collection by introducing a pop of colour and experimenting with texture during the silversmithing process, contrasts beautifully against the shiny silver surface.

My intention is to carry the mark making process from one craftsmen’s material into another to create a cohesive and individual collection of affordable jewellery. Inspiration comes from organic and found objects and continued experimentation. Pieces over 7g are hallmarked, my hallmark is registered with the London Assay Office.

Cresta trained at the University of Plymouth and holds a three-dimensional design degree 2:1