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Aran Illingworth

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Man and His Best Friend

Created by, Aran Illingworth

In my previous career as a nurse, I worked with homeless people in London.  In my new role as an artist, I am seeking to raise awareness of this issue through my artwork.  My artwork focuses on poverty in general, and specifically on the fragility of homeless men, women and children living on the street.  It seeks to challenge the viewer to confront the reality of deprivation in the urban environment without blame or discrimination, and so bring them face to face with both the beauty of humanity and its fragility.  After concentrating earlier on the plight of women and children in poverty, my concerns around deprivation have now expanded to take in the impact of social exclusion on men.  A clear example of this is my recent artwork entitled ‘Man and His Best Friend’; this highlights the plight of a homeless man struggling for survival while living on the streets, comforted only by his best and only friend – his dog. 

Medium: Textile with embroidery thread
Size: 40cm x 50cm x 2cm

Part of the Black Swan Arts Open 2022 collection.

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