Pale Tree Hanging by Rich Highfield
Black Swan Arts

Pale Tree Hanging by Rich Highfield

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Handmade fused glass

Hoyti Toyti Studio was created in 2002 by Rich Highfield. The work is kiln fused glass and uses a combination of materials which are applied to the glass during 3 separate processes. The technique involves decoration of the glass by hand and then taking the glass to a molten point where it then fuses into the finished piece. Each peice is then hand finished after firing, cleaning and polishing to ensure quality. Rich's work can be found in galleries and usually at public fairs throughout the UK.


Size: 9X26cm

Price: £25.00

This item was generously donated to Black Swan Arts during our Small & Affordable fundraising pop-up. Like many arts organisations, Black Swan Arts has been hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic. We are a registered charity and currently receive no regular funding. We have very limited funds and rely heavily on volunteers and supporters. We are grateful to all who continue to support us through donations, purchase or giving their time to volunteer.