Path through the Sedgemoor Reedbeds
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Path through the Sedgemoor Reedbeds

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Path through the Sedgemoor Reedbeds

Created by, Sian Martin

"The spring wind creates rhythmical linear patterns across the moorlands, whispering ancient secrets across the marshy reedbeds. This wide expanse of swaying landscape shelters and dwarfs you as you pass along the paths, listening to the soft whispers. For three miles I was in the flat green land of Queen's Sedgemoor, drained by straight sedgy water courses along which grow lines of elms, willow or pine."
Chapter XIII Shepton Mallet to Bridgwater


Medium: Reed stems dyed with spring colours, stitched onto layers of fabric. Paint, applique, stitch
Size: 50 x 70 cm

Part of the In Pursuit of Spring collection in collaboration with Somerset Art Works (SAW)

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