Sabine Abraham, Plastic V Politics
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Sabine Abraham, Plastic V Politics

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Plastic V Politics

By Sabine Abraham

"Having trained as a graphic designer at the Kunstschule Alsterdamm in Hamburg and then at Chelsea School of Art in London, Sabine spent several years working in London as a Graphic/Packaging Designer. She now shares a studio in Frome and paints full time, exploring industrial scenes, discarded objects and the man-made destruction of and changes in the environment. Inspired by current affairs and what is happening in the world, she interprets some of these events through her work. Sabine occasionally finds herself drawn to more traditional genres like landscapes and floral studies, perhaps as a subconscious counter-balance to some of the starker images in her creations.

Her style varies from realism to non figurative and abstract, depending on the subject matter; with her penchant for strong lines, geometry and bold shapes she works in oils, mainly with palette knives, and generally on a large scale.

Being passionate about colour, textures and textiles she designs and makes one-off funky hats, scarves, stoles and also creates hand painted silk scarves."

Medium: Oil on canvas
Size: 72.6 x 91.5cm
Venue number: 17
Venue name: Creative Curiosities - St.Mary's

This artist's work is part of the Frome Open Arts Trail, supporting exhibition. Visit their venue during Frome Festival to see more of their work.