Sky Line by Lizbeth Spurgeon
Black Swan Arts

Sky Line by Lizbeth Spurgeon

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My work is inspired by the natural world, the colours, lines, shapes and movement. The ever changing skies often figure largely in the final works. The paintings do not replicate a landscape exactly but come from imagination and stored images taken from memory of places visited. This way of working encompasses my mind's eye to create a more abstract representation of all the wonders around us. My preferred medium is oil paint, I delight in the experience of having a fresh new canvas to work on and often rework old paintings, holding images of previous paintings and inspiring the new. 

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Oil on wood block with sides 3cm and wood exposed

30 by 30 cm

This item was generously donated to Black Swan Arts during our Small & Affordable fundraising pop-up. Like many arts organisations, Black Swan Arts has been hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic. We are a registered charity and currently receive no regular funding. We have very limited funds and rely heavily on volunteers and supporters. We are grateful to all who continue to support us through donations, purchase or giving their time to volunteer.