Robyn Neild
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Robyn Neild

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Standing Figure with botanicals

Created by, Robyn Neild

Robyn Neild has always considered the human body as a fluctuating vessel, carrying narratives and the possibility of transformation.Neild plays with this notion of protection and threat, growth and decay, through combining different natural materials in her sculptures.Texture and form are of paramount significance. The artist enjoys the impression of fingerprints left behind in the modelling wax, dictating a journey of where her hands have fluidly shaped the figures. The intricate modelling, combined with the ‘lost wax’ casting technique, forces the metal to take on the delicate structures or halt altogether: leaving gaps and pauses, pregnant with absence.

Medium: Bronze
Size: 23cm x 8cm

Part of the Black Swan Arts Open 2022 collection.

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