Vivian Pedley
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Vivian Pedley

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Suzie wore Pigtails

Created by, Vivian Pedley

During the pandemic my working practice has moved from a stable, not static, environment to one that is increasingly organic and chaotic. Restrictions have created a circumstantial, non-nostalgic platform causing a more instinctive method – projective rather than reflective – delivering a more immediate response to the now. Due to daily force-fed data, I have developed an immediate, simultaneously disposable attitude to the act of making. Imagery and text have become less formal, in turn suggesting new language. My attempt is to represent the transience and uncertainty within a moment where integrity has become subsidised and underwritten by a mild form of hallucination

Medium: Mixed media
Size: 41cm x 30.5cm

Part of the Black Swan Arts Open 2022 collection.

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