Kathy Kelly
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Kathy Kelly

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The Steamer Trunk

Created by, Kathy Kelly

Kathy Kelly – Artist statement Having spent time living both in a city and within a rural community I absorb influences from both theses contrasting environments. Whether it’s my appreciation for large scale old industrial spaces adorned with urban street art with a sense of decay or wandering through forgotten patches of woodland and stumbling across the remains of old dwelling, I seek to find beauty in the unexpected. I document my world through photography, paint, print and film. With my surrealist eye I scan my world for random and overlooked connections and with my multimedia approach I can creatively interpret my personal visual language. I

Medium: Mixed media
Size: 85cm  x 45cm  x 28cm

Part of the Black Swan Arts Open 2022 collection.

Find out more about the exhibition on www.blackswanarts.org.uk

This item is part of the main exhibition display and will not be available for collection until the exhibition has ended. Shop staff will contact you directly to clarify arrangements for all artwork purchased.