Jan Martin
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Jan Martin

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Tides and Ages

Created by, Jan Martin

Jan is an illustrator and printmaker who has recently begun publishing poetry books illustrated using her signature digital montage technique. She has used this method of image making since she graduated in 1999, and working as a freelance editorial illustrator for publications such as The Times, The Guardian, The Independent and diverse magazines, plus book illustrations for educational publishing. These images are illustrations from her first book of poems “We Are Here Between” and treat the subject of history within the landscape. They are montages of historic scientific illustrations of fossils and microscopic elements, that exist but are mostly invisible, in the world around us.

Medium: Digital montage
Size: 29.5cm x 23.5cm

Part of the Black Swan Arts Open 2022 collection.

Find out more about the exhibition on www.blackswanarts.org.uk

This item is part of the main exhibition display and will not be available for collection until the exhibition has ended. Shop staff will contact you directly to clarify arrangements for all artwork purchased.