Joella Wheatley
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Joella Wheatley

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Where's Your Backbone?

Created by, Joella Wheatley

Joella Wheatley is an artist whose main concern is the imaginative and metaphorical space of the mindset. This is explored through objects, land formations and architectural space. Her paintings create a dialog where solitude is the main subject and stillness is always present. Joella’s work translates a distinct scene that is recognisable, yet at the same time explores the imagination. She captures a silent moment, where each painting finds its own narrative, whether it's the artists or the viewers. The work is detailed and complex, with many layers of lightly layered paint combined with pen, creating a delicate and textured piece.

Medium: Oil, acrylic and pen on birch panel
Size: 20cm x 25cm

Part of the Black Swan Arts Open 2022 collection.

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